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En tant que développeur Symfony, j’essaye lorsque c’est possible, de ne jamais réinventer la roue. Cela tombe bien car Symfony et sa vaste communauté, offrent de nombreux Bundles très bien faits répondant aux besoins les plus courants notamment en terme d’implémentation de bonnes pratiques.

Devenez un expert en utilisant les « Best Bundles » Symfony

The FOSUserBundle adds support for a database-backed user system in Symfony2. It provides a flexible framework for user management that aims to handle common tasks such as user registration and password retrieval.

This bundle provides various tools to rapidly develop RESTful API’s & applications with Symfony2.

Elastica and ElasticSearch integration in Symfony2

This Bundle provides a Symfony2 authentication provider so that users can login to a Symfony2 application via Facebook. Furthermore via custom user provider support the Facebook login can also be integrated with other data sources like the database based solution provided by FOSUserBundle.

JMSDiExtraBundle adds more powerful dependency injection features to Symfony2

This bundle allows you to create i18n routes.

This bundle adds AOP capabilities to Symfony2.

If you haven’t heard of AOP yet, it basically allows you to separate a cross-cutting concern (for example, security checks) into a dedicated class, and not having to repeat that code in all places where it is needed.

In other words, this allows you to execute custom code before, and after the invocation of certain methods in your service layer, or your controllers. You can also choose to skip the invocation of the original method, or throw exceptions.

XHProf is a hierarchical profiler for PHP. It reports function-level call counts and inclusive and exclusive metrics such as wall (elapsed) time, CPU time and memory usage. A function’s profile can be broken down by callers or callees. The raw data collection component is implemented in C as a PHP Zend extension called xhprof. XHProf has a simple HTML based user interface (written in PHP). The browser based UI for viewing profiler results makes it easy to view results or to share results with peers. A callgraph image view is also supported.

This bundle is a fork of AvalancheImagineBundle which provides easy image manipulation support for Symfony2. The goal of the fork is to make the code more extensible and as a result applicable for more use cases.

This php 5.4+ library is a collection of traits that add behaviors to Doctrine2 entites and repositories.

This bundle integrates the Doctrine2 Migrations library. into Symfony so that you can safely and quickly manage database migrations.

Provide markdown conversion (based on Michel Fortin work) to your Symfony2 projects.

Alice allows you to create a ton of fixtures/fake data for use while developing or testing your project. It gives you a few essential tools to make it very easy to generate complex data with constraints in a readable and easy to edit way, so that everyone on your team can tweak the fixtures if needed.

It adds in your WebProfiler extra sections (routing, container, twig,…)

This bundle allows you to expose your routing in your JavaScript code. That means you’ll be able to generate URL with given parameters like you can do with the Router component provided in the Symfony2 core.

Pour finir…

…la liste n’est bien sûr pas exhaustive, retenez que vous trouverez souvent des bundles existant répondant à vos besoins. Attention cependant, car certains sont de meilleure qualité que d’autres, certains sont bien maintenus d’autres pas, enfin plus grave, certains ne fonctionnent pas ou contiennent de nombreux bugs. Alors attention !

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